September 28, 2004

Meet Dryden Superintendent Mark Crawford tonight

This morning's Journal looks at last night's Dryden School Board meeting. The Board appointed Amanda Kittelberger to the seat Tricia Edgecomb resigned, and worked on annual goals, the strategic planning committee, and the public relations committee. Following state mandates, they increased the number of credits required for graduation has increased from 20.5 to 22. There will be a reception for new Superintendent Dr. Mark Crawford tonight, held in the Dryden Middle School cafeteria from 7pm to 9pm.

In county news, the election rolls are up 6% as interest in the presidential race drives people to register to vote.

In state news, a group of 17 legislators is pushing for reform in the Assembly. Unfortunately, there's no mention of Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, but they don't list all 17 legislators. It sounds like what they're pushing for is a subset of the Brennan Center's recommendations (405K), but it could still be significant.

(I found a list of participants and more commentary on this at NYCO's blog, and Lifton isn't listed. On the other hand, it's a mostly downstate (and Buffalo) list and maybe they're just getting started.)

The Journal's editorial examines emergency planning, especially ice storms. They noted that "residents found that calling NYSEG during such a disaster was about as useful as howling at the moon. Company headquarters are out of state." When we first moved here I figured that living within a mile of the NYSEG headquarters would help with power outages, but even before NYSEG started moving out that didn't really seem to work.

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