September 25, 2004

New Recreation Coordinator

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on yesterday's Town Board meeting, noting the appointment of a new Recreation Coordinator, Jennifer Staton. (The Journal says "Stanton", but I'm pretty certain I saw "Staton" on the papers yesterday.) Outgoing Recreation Coordinator Jennifer Glaab, who has moved to Tennessee with her partner, has been running the office remotely with the help of an intern.

The Journal also reports that the Town Board "authorized Trumbull to negotiate with Empire Livestock Marketing Cooperative for the purchase of at least 20 acres behind the existing town hall." I guess this must have been what they were doing in executive session, though it's odd to see the results of an executive session in the paper the next day. (I'll have a fuller report on yesterday's Town Board meeting posted this weekend.)

At the county level, the Journal examines the tough decisions facing the county legislature as it tries to figure out how to fit capital projects, notably a new jail, into its budget. $300,000 of design fees will have to go into next year's budget somehow.

Congressman Sherwood Boehlert will have coronary bypass surgery Monday after doctors found blockages in several arteries. Boehlert "may not be able to return to work until shortly before the Nov. 2 election."

The Journal also lists votes by state representatives and votes by congressional representatives.

Finally, Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, who stayed in Dryden during a visit to Ithaca earlier this year, won't be on the ballot in the New York. He didn't have enough signatures, apparently because of division within the New York State Green Party. I've been watching the Tompkins County Greens site for any discussion of the race since Cobb was nominated, but it's remained silent.

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