September 30, 2004

Varna BBQ Saturday, Dryden opinions

Dryden news today is light, peaking with an announcement that the Varna Community Association will be selling chicken halves for $4 each on Saturday, starting at noon at the Varna Community Center (map).

In county news, legislators voted themselves a $500 pay raise for 2005. County Legislator Mike Lane sponsored the measure, and fellow Dryden legislators Martha Robertson and George Totman supported it.

Both letters on today's opinion page are from Dryden residents. Cathy Wakeman of the Village of Dryden writes that "We have abandoned our sense of 'good morals' in the name of free speech." Sara Catterall of the Town of Dryden warns that "If you want to vote for Bush, you need to come up with another reason than fiscal conservatism and small government. This year the Republican candidate supports neither."

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