October 8, 2004

Registration, TC3 scholarships, letters

The Ithaca Journal seems to have found yesterday a quiet day for Dryden. I didn't see anyone from the papers at last night's Town Hall with Senator Seward. WHCU was there interviewing him, but I don't see a piece on their site.

They repeat the piece from yesterday on voter registration and absentee ballots. It's important enough that I'll rerun what I said yesterday:

October 8th is the last day to register to vote in the November general election in New York State. If you haven't registered yet, you can go to the Board of Elections office (map) until Friday at 5:00pm. Mailed-in registrations must be postmarked no later than tomorrow as well. (If anyone in Dryden needs a registration form, you can call me at 256-5334.)

There will also be a last-chance registration session on Saturday, October 9th from 2-9pm at the Dryden Town Hall (map) and at other town and city halls in the county.

It's also time to think about absentee ballots. You can get an application at the Board of Elections office or online. Applications by mail must be sent by October 26th, and applications in person at the Board of Elections offices may be made until November 1st.

There is a piece on scholarships given out at TC3, including one to James Woernley of Freeville. There's also a mention of Eric J. Farino of Freeville completing U.S. Navy basic training.

On the opinion page, Steve Scott of Dryden writes to criticize Gannett columnist David Rossie for suggesting that ""kow-towing to Republican presidents by the Washington press corps became standard operating procedure." Scott sees a world where press conferences "have shown a press that's been mainly rude and insolent to the office of the president when it's occupied by a Republican."

From a different perspective, Kathy Zahler of Dryden writes to say that she is voting her conscience this year, as third-party supporters regularly encourage. She reports that after reading "The Bush Record" at the Sierra Club site, "my conscience tells me that Kerry/Edwards is the only sane choice for our nation, and for the planet we share."

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