October 8, 2004

School board doors too closed?

This week's Dryden Courier has lots of Dryden news, plus an editorial that looks at the Dryden Central School Board's most recent appointment, and color photos front and back.

The front page starts with an article on the unanimous appointment of Amanda Kittleberger to the Dryden Central School Board. The article notes that:

Discussions on the candidates were conducted during executive session and Kittleberger was the only name mentioned during the open meeting. There was no discussion of the candidates then, but after the vote, board president Rachel Dickinson said she was pleased to have a new member who knew a lot about the district.

The article also discusses the needs assessment Kittleberger was hired to do earlier this year (and will be doing through mid-November), and her background.

The Courier's editorial attacks the process by which this appointment, comparing it to a situation in Lansing and saying:

In Dryden, the issue is more troubling, as the issue in question was voted on at their last meeting. There, the denial of access is a done deal, as they say...

Later, on the side, [Board President Rachel Dickinson] defended the process of debating the merits of a new board member in executive session. Of course, Bob Freeman, who heads the Committee on Open Government would see it differently, she sniffed.

Not only that, the courts would too....

"Reliance on the portion of section 105(1)(f) which states that a Board in executive session may discuss the appointment... of a particular person... is misplaced," according to the New York State Supreme Court, (Gordon vs. Village of Monticello, Jan. 7, 1994).

I doubt we've heard the last of this issue.

Also on the front page, the Courier takes a look at Bethel Grove, a part of the town that's none too well connected to the town road system and often overlooked. Tony Hall looks at the event the Dryden Historical Society held in Bethel Grove last month and talks about the history of the southwesternmost corner of the Town.

There's also an article on TC3 creative writing professor Lisa Ford, whose screenplay is a semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Nicholl Fellowship Screen Writing Competition, and a brief article on the special election for the water and sewer districts on Royal Road, which will have seven possible voters.

The Land & People column looks at the many classical names of upstate New York, and how the naming of Dryden came from that same process.

The sports section looks at the Dryden boys' soccer team and its quest to reach the playoffs, a tough challenge at this point in the year.

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