November 3, 2004

73% turnout in Dryden

73% of registered voters turned out across Dryden yesterday, with 10 of 11 polls reporting 69% or greater turnout. In Dryden, John Kerry won 3398-2597, while congressional challenger Jeff Miller defeated incumbent Sherwood Boehlert 2556-2444. Neither of those results seem to have held up for the rest of the country or the congressional district, unfortunately.

Town Justice Joseph Valentinelli won re-election with 3661 votes. In other unopposed races, Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton won 3685 votes here, while State Senator Jim Seward won 3068 votes in Dryden.

In the US Senate race, incumbent Charles Schumer won in Dryden with 3390 votes to Republican Howard Mills' 1712 and Conservative Marilyn O'Grady's 212, and won the race overall.

The proposal to have Off-Track Betting (OTB) in Tompkins County was defeated by 2475-2138 in Dryden and 13,593 to 8,305 in the county.

The county Board of Elections has published unofficial results for all races in the county, including district-by-district breakdowns.

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