November 11, 2004

Democrats gather at Town Hall

Democrats and sympathetic independents met last night at the Dryden Town Hall to discuss the 2004 election, looking over how well we'd done locally while contemplating the growing divide among Americans and talking about how to communicate with people on the other side of that divide.

Group listening
Democrats and independents listen while County Legislator Martha Robertson talks about small-group conclusions.

I spoke briefly about how we had done this year and the many elections (Village Trustees, Village Mayor, Town Board, Town Supervisor, Town Highway Superintendent, County Legislature, County District Attorney) coming up next year, and County Legislators Martha Robertson and Mike Lane spoke about the work that had gone into this year and the challenges to come in next year's elections.

After the speeches, we broke into smaller groups to talk about what was on our minds, from national politics to the local scene. I was pleased to find a lot of positive thoughts amid the frustrations of the last elections, people looking for ways to connect better with our community and with others around the country. There was clearly a general recognition that we can make a positive difference even in times when the government is not of our party or our liking.

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