November 2, 2004

Election news, bookkeeper sentencing

There's lots of news about today's election in the Journal, including general instructions for voting and a list of election-day dinners including the one at the Dryden United Methodist Church.

The Journal takes a look at how Tompkins County residents have participated with their pocketbooks, as the direction of New York's electoral votes are pretty well decided. The article quotes County Legislator Martha Robertson several times, and I earlier reported on a fund-raiser for Kerry at her home.

In other local news, former Dryden bookkeeper Liva Brong was sentenced to $701 in restitution and five years probation for forgery of town checks. There's also an article on the impact of TCAT's reorganization on employee pay and benefits.

Elia Kacapyr reports that Tompkins County's economy did better in September.

On the opinion page, the Journal's editorial discusses Ithaca schools redistricting. Sue Hoyte of the Village of Freeville writes to complain that "I also cannot believe that the flag emblem is going to be removed" from City of Ithaca police uniforms.

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