November 12, 2004

Etna Fire Company issues

The Ithaca Journal reports this morning on last night's Town Board meeting, focusing on board members' growing concern with the reponse times of the Etna Fire Company. The board approved contracts for other departments, but not for Etna. The article also notes the appointment of a consultant for the Freeville-Dryden trail.

A Lower Creek Road resident has been charged with harassing a TCAT bus driver.

At the county level, the Ithaca Airport has hired a consultant to help find a carrier to supplement US Airways, which keeps floating in and out of bankruptcy.

Up in Syracuse, the Metropolitan Development Agency has found its gathering of professionals under 40 to talk about keeping people in Central New York vastly oversubscribed.

On the editorial page, the Journal wonders how to connect the Ithaca school board with its thoroughly diverse constituents.

Also, I forgot to mention a piece yesterday that may be interest to Dryden readers. Caroline Supervisor Don Barber writes about the need for more police protection in rural areas of the county.

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