November 13, 2004

Extrication training

Back in January, I stopped by the Varna Volunteer Fire Company to talk about finances, but also got to see a lot of their equipment. The cutters, spreaders, and rams for getting into damaged vehicles were resting quietly then. They got a workout today as volunteers learned more about how to extract people from cars.

Cutting into a car
Cutting into a car during extrication training.

Breaking a car with the ram
Using the ram to break into a car.

Truck 1943 and air hoses
Rescue truck 1943 and air hoses, with a portable compressor at right.

I was running between appointments, so didn't get to spend much time there, but Chief Roy Rizzo explained that the portable compressor could power the tools if there were two vehicles separated by more than the length of the hoses. The volunteers were getting training for a variety of different situations, including accidents where they might have to use tools creatively on multiple vehicles.

Update: Oliver Habicht has posted a lot more pictures of the training.

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