November 14, 2004

Victorian Festival coming to Village of Dryden

This week's Dryden Courier leads with a Victorian Festival that businesses in the Village of Dryden will be sponsoring on Friday, December 3rd. Nineteen businesses have come together in the past three weeks to do this. Businesses will have open houses and specials. There will be performances by the high school band and caroling, as well as the Village's tree-lighting ceremony. An open party for children will be held at the Neptune Hose Company, and there will be a prize drawing as well. Back to Basics will be roasting chestnuts.

The Courier also looks at the Dryden Central School District's hiring of an enengy consultant, a benefit held just across the town line in McLean, and Tompkins County's votes last week. The sports section features a picture of the Dryden Varsity Girls' Swimming team, coverage of the Dryden Girls' Volleyball team's winning a Class B championship, and general coverage of wrestling in the area.

A Community Directory comes with this week's issues, providing things like municipal phone numbers and elected officials' contact information. One thing they missed - Dryden is no longer in Maurice Hinchey's district, but rather in Sherwood Boehlert's district.

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