December 4, 2004

Drug busts, wood stove safety, jail

The Monitor reports on two cocaine busts in Dryden, one tied to an arrest earlier this week, and one marijuana arrest.

The Journal has an article on the fatal fire in Slaterville this past week, exploring safety measures needed to keep wood stoves safe. It notes that 5.6% of Dryden residents have woodstoves, fewer than many towns in the county (Danby has 23%).

A change in the state's formula for funding school buses promises to complicate finances for local school districts. Dryden school district officials are "looking at different options and will get into more specifics on what to do later in their budget processes."

On the opinion page, County Legislator Martha Robertson writes with Ulysses County Legislator Peter Penniman about their opposition to building a new jail now.

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