December 25, 2004

Visiting Michelle Griffin

This morning's Journal visits Michelle Griffin, widow of Air Force Staff Sgt. Patrick Griffin, who was killed in the invasion of Iraq last year. Michelle, a Dryden native, may return here from Florida eventually:

Someday, she may move back to Upstate New York, as she and Pat had always planned. They always talked about the kind of house they wanted and where -- but it would be too painful to do it alone right now, Michelle said.

County Historian Carol Kammen has been named "Public Historian of the Year" by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. I've got a few of Kammen's books, including Plain as a Pipestem: Essays about Local History, where she talks about how to do local history, and it's very impressive work.

There's a list of how county legislators voted at Tuesday's session.

In the online letters, Thomas Trencansky of Dryden writes to thank organizers of the "Home of the Brave" project who sent 350 gift boxes to soldiers in the Middle East.

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