January 4, 2005

McLean activities

With the holidays, I almost missed an issue of the Dryden Courier. Fortunately, I picked one up today. (The new issue will be out tomorrow.) This past week's issue leads with a story about after-school programs for kids in McLean. 50 people showed up to an initial meeting about programs, and 25 kids came to a follow-up meeting. Cassavant Elementary School will be opening up for programs from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

There's an article in the Groton section about Father Bernard Mumjalu, a Kenyan priest serving at the St. Anthony and Holy Cross churches for the next few months.

In state news, the Courier looks at a program for assigning ID numbers to students across New York State, which the Courier questions in its editorial.

In sports news, the Courier looks at the girls' basketball team and its 7-3 record for the season.

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