January 5, 2005

Montessori School, Varna Fire Company profile

In this morning's Ithaca Journal, Cathy Wakeman looks at the opening of the Integrative Montessori Nursery School, which will be having an open house Friday through Sunday:

The public is invited to visit and learn about this new classroom at 4 Thresher Place, off of Spring Run Road in the Yellow Barn area of Freeville. A multi-day open house will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, Jan. 7 through Jan. 9, or at other times by appointment. For more information, call 327-3063 or 844-8840.

In their continuing series of firehouse profiles, the Journal provides information about the Varna Volunteer Fire Company, though I think some of their information is out of date.

In an article about the difficulty of finding substitute teachers locally, the Journal quotes Dryden Central School District substitute teacher Steve Anderson.

Briefly in Tompkins notes that the Dryden Senior Citizens will have a meeting and lunch on Monday at the Dryden Fire Hall.

In county news, Dryden's county legislators split on an 8-7 vote over increasing legislators' salaries. Martha Robertson voted for it, while Mike Lane and George Totman voted against it. Lane was also elected vice-chairman of the legislature for a fourth term by a unanimous vote.

In its editorial, the Journal takes up the issue of broadband internet access for rural areas, a tough problem. I'd love to find a map of coverage in Dryden, but I've heard a few complaints that coverage is patchy.

Across the valley, but catching my interest, a developer is using five-foot balloons to show how high buildings in proposed construction will be when complete, to help evaluate the impact on the landscape.

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