January 13, 2005

Town Board agenda for tonight

The Town Board is meeting tonight at at 7:00pm at the Dryden Town Hall (map). The agenda has been posted. Highlights include:

284 Agreement
A budget listing which town roads will receive maintenance and repairs this year. The Highway Superintendent proposes it, and the Town Board considers it for approval. Update: this has apparently moved to February.
Dryden Mutual Annexation Petition
This sounds like further annexation of town land to the Village of Dryden is under consideration.
LOSAP Town Support for Village Proclamation
As I understand it, because the Dryden and Freeville fire departments are village departments, their incentive program has to be run by the villages, and the Town can make a contribution.
Land Purchase Offer
This is probably about the purchase of land for the Town Hall and possibly recreation, and hopefully won't be shunted to executive session as it has in the past.
Stone Circle School Speed Zone
This is near the intersection of Turkey Hill and Ellis Hollow roads, a problem intersection that has already had extra stop signs posted.

There's more, of course, but this gives some idea of what's going to be happening.

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