February 20, 2005

Club Dryden success; high school profiles

This week's Dryden Courier has lots and lots of Dryden news. The cover stories include a continuation of last week's profiles of the two Dryden student school board liaisons, focusing on Amanda Christofferson's accomplishments this time.

The Courier reports that the Club Dryden event the town held on Febuary 5th was a huge success, with 240 participants instead of the expected 100. Parents have asked for more events. There's also discussion of the summer concert series returning to Montgomery Park, and of the Town Board's plans to assemble a committee to create a recreation plan complementing the Comprehensive Plan that may be nearing completion.

Page 3 looks at changes in the Dryden school district's policy for handling extreme weather days when temperatures are cold enough that standing by the road for a bus is a bad idea, as well as at questions of Dryden Elementary's administration and overcrowding in its cafeteria at school events. The Courier also discusses County Legislator Mike Lane's presentation to the Town Board on the deal bringing Northwest Airlines to Tompkins County airport in May.

The editorial, by Tony Hall, is a remembrance of Dr. John Ferger and an early morning he and his son paid to his house for an emergency. Hall tells his son:

it will be bragging rights years from now to point to your eye and say that you were stitched together by Dr. John Ferger, who is nothing short of a legend around these parts...

Dr. Ferger did someting extraordinary, and this is what it was: he simply lived the life he envisioned.

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