February 21, 2005

Village of Dryden continues moratorium

There isn't any news or opinion about or from Dryden in the Ithaca Journal today, but their legal notices include this piece announcing the further extension of the Village of Dryden's moratorium on new multiple residence construction:


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT_at it's regular Board meeting held on February 17th, 2005, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Dryden adopted Local Law 002-2005. The Law's purpose and intent is as follows. (The entire local law is available upon request and is posted at the Village Hall)


The purpose of this Local Law is to establish an additonal six (6) month moratorium on the filing, review and approval of any applications for permits and approvals related to the construction of new multiple residences within the Commercial Business Districts of the Village of Dryden. Such moratorium period is in addition to the currently pending six (6) month moratorium established for similiar purposes by Local Law 004 of the year 2004 and the preceding moratoria established for similiar purposes by Local Law 001 of the year 2004 and Local Law 003 of the year 2003. It is the intent of this Local Law to permit the Village to continue its ongoing review of its Zoning Laws and comprehensive Plan, including, but not limited to, (i) the appropriateness of various uses of property within areas zoned for commercial and business purposes, (ii) the appropriateness of multiple residences within Commercial Business Districts and issues of public health, safety and welfare related thereto, (iii) the adequacy of existing physical and financial resources of the Village to furnish essential services and facilities, (iv) the effect on the Village's aquifer, and (v) the desirability of additional non-owner occupied properties. Such review is still underway, preliminary reports have been prepared and submitted, grant funds have been obtained for further study, public comment and input has been solicited, and supplemental reports and recommendations are forthcoming. It is therefore hereby determined that the additional period of time covered by this moratorium is needed in order for the Village to fully and properly complete its study and review, evaluate the foregoing issues, consider amendments to its Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Law, elicit and consider further public comment, and/or adopt additional Zoning Law provisions. Pending completion of all of the foregoing, it is the further intent of this Local Law to continue to preserve the status quo.

By order of the Board of Trustees
Of the Village of Dryden

This will take the Village to two years of a moratorium on multiple residences, which makes me really wonder what's up with their Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Law. It also makes me wonder if they can extend this as long as they want, which I don't think is really the purpose of six month moratoria.

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