February 26, 2005

Dryden man helps free kidnapped Egyptians

Sergeant Matthew Cornell, who graduated from Dryden High School in 2002, helped rescue two Eqyptian technicians from kidnappers in Iraq on February 7th. Two of the three men who fled the vehicle were captured.

The Journal has a long piece on increasing assessments, including a tour of county legislators' homes and their assessments. Dryden Legislator Mike Lane's proposal for shifting assessment to a three-year cycle is discussed, and Lane is quoted:

"Taxing authorities have taken advantage of increased assessments by increasing revenue without having to raise taxes as much," Lane said. "People are being hit by a double whammy of assessment and tax increases. I think the process has put a lot of pressure on homeowners."

The Town of Dryden's tax rate remained the same, for instance, while the tax levy rose 7.9%. With increased assessments, the tax rate would have had to fall for the burden on property owners to stay the same.

Briefly in Tompkins and Local Briefs both mention the Dryden-Caroline Drifters snowmobile club's Breast Cancer Ride for Research today starting at noon at the Dryden VFW.

On the opinion page, Charlie Hart of Freeville writes in support of an earlier letter writer about two destroyed magnetic ribbons, saying that:

No one has a right to express their view on anything by destroying a symbol that is held dear by you and so many others. It is like throwing blood on the United States flag.

Darts & Laurels has a thank you from Elizabeth Callaghan of Ithaca to Eric Neilson and his son-in-law Erick, of Freeville, for helping her when her car was having trouble with ice on Baker Hill Road.

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