February 25, 2005

Dryden superintendent writes on schools' mission

On the opinion page of today's Ithaca Journal, Dryden Superintendent of Schools Mark Crawford writes about the changing mission of schools and the challenges of living up to it. Crawford writes of Dryden:

I would also like to mention that in our Dryden community, as in other local communities, bridges have been and are being built by churches, service clubs, individual volunteers and the schools so that together we can more effectively meet the comprehensive needs of our children.

This is important work since it is the children who represent the future well being of our community and all other communities.

This idea is not a new one. You've heard it before: "It takes a village to raise a child." To the extent that this occurs, a child will become, more or less, an asset to the community and to the greater society as an adult.

Why does a town celebrate the accomplishments of a hometown hero? It is because the local citizens feel they had something to do with the hero's development.

Together, let us raise a group of heroes!

Also on the opinion page, Dorothy Manley of Etna writes that "It's hard for me to understand why, if soldiers are punished for torturing prisoners from Iraq, it would be O.K. for the feeding tube to be taken out of Terry Schiavo in Florida."

The Farm Service Agency in Ithaca is closing. The Journal lists the nearest office to Dryden as Waverly, but the FSA site lists one in Cortland at 100 Grange Place.

Briefly in Tompkins mentions a meeting about Six Mile Creek volunteer monitoring, to be held at 4-H Acres (map) on February 28th. Again, there isn't a time given, but "for more information, contact Tania Schusler at 272-2292." New volunteers are welcome, and will receive training like the training I covered last year in the spring.

Military News includes two Dryden residents, Army Pfc. Gary D. Smith Jr. and Army Pvt. Nathaniel E. Peterson. Dean's Lists includes two Dryden residents and a Freeville resident.

Kerrie Frisinger writes about the accent of the Finger Lakes region. (Yes, we have one. I like it.)

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