February 17, 2005

Lane proposes three-year assessment cycle

Dryden County Legislator Mike Lane is cited in this morning's Ithaca Journal as saying "he wants the Legislature to vote on changing the cycle to every three years, a move he proposed twice last year but was shot down both times by his colleagues." Lane goes on to say:

"Some of us have been hearing about the new assessments," Lane said. "I have talked to some other legislators and some feel differently about this than they did last year. I fully understand the argument on both sides, but I still make the argument that with the spikes in real property values, we need to slow the process down and give taxpayers a break."

Lane will introduce a bill next month proposing the change.

Yesterday's blustery weather caused problems for area motorists, and Bell's Auto Care is mentioned both for towing from an accident and with car maintenance tips for being prepared for winter conditions.

There's another mention of tonight's hearing on the Draft Comprehensive Plan, which will be at 7:15pm at Neptune Hose Company (map).

There's mention of a DWI on Route 13, and yesterday I forgot to mention one on Turkey Hill Road from yesterday's paper.

The Ithaca School District has delayed their vote on elementary redistricting until March 15th or possibly March 22nd.

There's also an article on Fall Creek flooding, well downstream of Dryden in Ithaca, which is also interesting because of the ways neighbors are communicating because of the flooding, and ways they wish they'd had advance communications from the city.

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