March 30, 2005

Helping education through recipes in memory

Cathy Wakeman's Town Talk column in today's Journal looks at "Heavenly Recipes," a cookbook dedicated to the memory of Michele Longo Ferris. The cookbook is available at Hill's Drugs in Dryden, and all proceeds will be dedicated to education. Wakeman also notes the memorial plates in many Southworth Library books, a reminder that people have left bequests to support their community library, and a Senior Citizen Appreciation Open House that the library will be holding Monday, April 4th, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Briefly in Dryden is busy this week. Nominations for TC3 Service Tradition scholarships are being accepted through Friday, as are school transport requests for Dryden School District residents "who wish to have their children transported to a nonpublic school for 2005-2006." There are also openings on the Youth Commission (it's the Village of Dryden position), the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Conservation Board.

At the county level, the Journal reports on the ststus of county legislators' re-election plans. County Legislator Mike Lane, who represents the eastern side of Dryden, has announced his plans to run, saying:

"These are critical times... Residents in Tompkins County are facing spiking real property assessments and double-digit tax increases. These are fueled by spiraling costs of unfunded state mandates for Medicaid, pension and health insurance costs -- to name a few. At the same time, we are hard pressed to keep up basic public services ..."

County Legislator George Totman, who represents Groton and the northeast corner of Dryden, is also running for re-election, saying:

"I see no reason for not doing it as long as I am reasonable and fit... I have the time. Right now, county government is going through problems with finances. When the county needs some experience, I think it is a shame to walk away and put a brand new person in there who has never been involved."

The Journal couldn't reach County Legislator Martha Robertson, who represents the western side of Dryden.

The Ithaca schools are now considering changes to middle school feeder patterns after making changes to elementary school districts.

Just west of Dryden, Forest Home residents are trying to slow traffic, dealing with the 10,000 vehicles per day passing over its one-lane bridges and narrow streets.

The Tompkins County economy stalled in January, losing 1100 seasonally-adjusted jobs, though retail sales and help wanted advertising increased.

There's an article on the Supreme Court ruling that Indian Nations can't buy land and make it tax-free. As I noted yesterday, this removes one concern I've heard about the Onondaga claim affecting Dryden.

The Journal's editorial looks at the need for balance between traditional law enforcement and alternatives to incarceration.

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