March 30, 2005

Dryden school budget plans

I picked up the Cortland Standard last night, and it had the Dryden school budget article I've been watching for in the Journal, with plenty of detail.

The current budget plan includes cutting the Director of Technology, the elimination of a copy aide and a half-time music teacher, then adding an English and language teacher and a half-time reading teacher, plus a high school reading teacher funded through a grant.

Financially, the current budget means an increase of about 6% to $26.4 million, with an overall tax levy increase of 8.6% and a 5.7% tax rate increase.

Cortland Standard reporter Ida Pease includes a lot more detail and the surrounding discussion in her story, which unfortunately isn't available online, so go get a copy if you're interested and don't have one already. (If you're reading this after the March 29th paper has disappeared from newsstands, there's always the library.)

The board will be having a budget workshop April 4th, will likely pass a budget April 11th, have a public hearing May 9th, and will put the budget before voters on May 17th.

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