March 30, 2005

School board candidates, Dairy Day theme

This week's issue of The Shopper includes an ad from the Dryden Central School District, calling for school board candidates. Residents of the district who are U.S. citizens and have lived in the district for one year are generally eligible, though you can't hold an incompatible public office, reside with another board member, be a current employee of the school board, or have been removed from any other school district office in the past year.

If you meet those criteria and you're interested, call Linda Carr at the district offices, 844-5361 x602. You'll need to collect 29 signatures and submit your petition to the district offices by 5:00pm on April 18th.

Also, Dryden Dairy Day announces that will be held June 11th starting witih a 9:30am parade. The theme will be "The Cow", and the ad goes on to say "The cow represents the foster mother of all mankind." (I posted pictures last year.)

The Southworth Library also invites senior citizens to an open house at the library, Monday, April 4th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

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