March 31, 2005

Highway Department 284 agreement

The Town Board passed the 2005 284 Agreement at their March meeting. The agreement lists the major projects the Highway Department will take on this year, as well as costs for each project.

You can see last year's agreement (686KB PDF), and I've scanned in this year's agreement (164KB PDF, or 253KB selectable).

The 2004 agreement specified $126,000 for general repairs and $414,500 for 36 specific projects. This year's agreement specifies $136,000 for general repairs (a 7.9% increase) and $511,350 (a 23.3% increase) for 17 specific projects.

I don't see either of the two most contentious projects from last year's meeting - "Genung Rd. & Snyder Hill Rd. - and leading to Ellis Hollow Rd., a distance of .7 miles" or "Hunt Hill Rd. & Midline Rd. - and leading to Ellis Hollow Rd., a distance of 2.46 miles" in the list. They were both delayed last year and other work done instead.

The largest project in this year's list starts at Yellow Barn 1.3 miles from Midline Road and goes to Foot Hill Road, followed by work on Mount Pleasant Road between Route 366 and Turkey Hill Road, and Snyder Hill Road between Besemer Hill and Quarry Roads.

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