March 22, 2005

More to come on windmills; ICSD redistricting tonight

Cornell University will be giving an overview of a wind power generation study to the Tompkins County Environmental Management Council meeting on April 13th, which starts at 7:00pm with the Cornell presentation around 8:00pm. The meeting will be held at the Tompkins County Transit Center (map). There's a bit of information about the study in the article itself:

A temporary (up to 24 month) meteorological station and tower will be placed on Dryden's Mt. Pleasant Road to record weather conditions. Cornell researchers will continue their study throughout 2005 regarding potential impacts on viewsheds, birds and related issues.

There's an odd bit of language in the next sentence, though:

This analysis of whether Cornell can utilize wind energy as a complement to the campus' other renewable and conservation energy efforts will entail regular communication with neighbors and the community.

The word "entail" makes it sound like Cornell is obligated to talk with neighbors, but not like they're enthusiastic about it. It's strange to see such strained language in what's more or less a public relations column for Cornell. I doubt it's an intentional slight, but it's strange to see.

If you're interested in seeing what's driving Cornell's interest in windmills, the article points to Cornell Sustainable Campus and the Cornell Utilities Department, which includes the Kyoto Task Team.

There's a lot of news affecting the Ithaca City School District today. It looks like an elementary school redistricting may be decided tonight, and there's a guest column question the transparency of the school redistricting process. It's been a tough story to report on, especially as maps of a variety of kinds have been posted on and disappeared from the ICSD redistricting site.

There's also a guest column supporting a proposed library tax referendum which could create an additional tax in the ICSD supporting the Tompkins County Public Library.

The Journal's editorial looks at the meaning of elementary school report cards. The Journal will be taking a close look at the Dryden district's report card on Friday.

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