March 21, 2005


This morning's Ithaca Journal spends its editorial on the difficulties of sustainable power including hydropower and wind. It doesn't mention Dryden, but in some ways it echoes recent resistance to windmills here.

Planner George Frantz, who has been the consultant on Dryden's Comprehensive Plan, has a guest column about house size and sustainability, announcing the Sustainable Tompkins Welcome Salon to be held tomorrow night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Avenue (map).

Caroline resident Cindy Whittaker questions Dryden resident Peter Davies' understanding of road maintenance in a letter challenging his earlier laurel and dart about road salt.

In news, the one mention I can find of Dryden is in an article on South Hill Elementary School teacher Jane Koestler, who won $2500 from Best Buy for video equipment for student videos. The article mentions that Erin Peppel of Dryden Elementary also won this award.

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