March 7, 2005

Openings on Youth Commission, ZBA

In this morning's Ithaca Journal, Briefly in Tompkins and a second Briefly in Tompkins list some positions open to applications from residents of Dryden:

  • The Dryden Youth Commission, a joint commission between the Town of Dryden, Village of Dryden, and Village of Freeville, has an opening for a Village of Dryden resident.
  • The Dryden Zoning Board of Appeals has an opening.

  • "The Tompkins County Economic Development Loan Oversight Committee, an advisory board to the County Legislature, currently has a vacant seat for a representative of a micro-enterprise business." The committee meets four to six times a year, overseeing a revolving loan fund.

Dryden resident Rich Couch is quoted in an article about the first meeting of a new Tompkins County Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Democratic club, suggesting a path forward for action:

"Endorsements are nice," said Dryden resident Rich Couch. "Endorsements with money attached are even better. Endorsements with money and volunteers are a dream."

There are three stories on Ithaca School District elementary school redistricting, which may have an effect on some residents of the western side of Dryden. One article looks at drawing elementary lines, one looks at the impact of this on open enrollment, and another looks at the possible changes to middle schools.

Near the edge of Dryden, the county will be holding a public information meeting to discuss the rehabilitation of Warren Road between Asbury Road and Route 13. The meeting will be held at DeWitt Middle School (map) on Wednesday, March 9th, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

On the opinion page, the Journal's editorial looks at the area's growing attractiveness as a place to retire, and the shifts this will involve: "Public policy must evolve with this population." It notes (among other towns) Dryden's 15% increase in senior citizens from 1990-2000 as an early indicator of the need for government to begin responding to a changing population.

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