April 29, 2005

County assessments up 9.13%, Town up 8.18%

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that taxable assessments in Tompkins County are up 9.13%. Tracking down the more detailed breakdown from the assessor's office (14KB PDF), the Town of Dryden is listed with an 8.18% increase and the Villages of Freeville and Dryden with a 6.50% increase. While the overall rate increase for the county and many towns slowed down this year, the Town of Dryden slightly accelerated from last year's 7.55% increase, although the villages were at 10.47% last year. (The number of parcels in Dryden only increased 0.51%.)

Briefly in Tompkins reports that the Tompkins County SPCA is looking for volunteers for tasks including "cat or dog socializing, dog walking, adoption counseling, fostering, assisting at special events or general office support". They have an online application (76KB) if you're interested. Volunteers do have to be over 18.

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