April 30, 2005

Wind turbines stopped

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Cornell has decided to stop its study of putting wind turbines on Mount Pleasant, publishing a brief press release to that effect after notifying residents at a meeting Thursday night.

According to Simeon Moss, the director of Cornell's press office, even the meteorological testing tower won't be going up on Mount Pleasant:

"We are not going to put up a tower at this time," Moss said. "There were a number of issues that came up, there was the question of land use, view sheds, the regulatory environment that's out there. To go forward in such an uncertain environment doesn't make sense."

Cornell will continue with a bird and bat study being conducted by the Lab of Ornithology, testing the use of bioacoustics and radar to study bird and bat populations in the area.

Residents, who had spoken at a number of meetings in opposition to the project and collected over 300 signatures on a petition against it, sound happy - "elation", "surprised and gratified" - and the airport manager sounds relieved about possible issues with the flight path.

For more on the previous windmill discussions, see:

In other news, the county economy grew 2% in March, and the first quarters sets the pace for 2.7% growth over the year.

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