May 14, 2005

Candidate for District Attorney announced

I'm happy to see that the Democrats have a promising candidate for DA, Gwen Wilkinson, who announced her candidacy yesterday. The occasional writings of the current District Attorney, George Dentes, are substantially responsible for getting me interested in local politics. (One of the earliest Living in Dryden entries was on drug courts, actually.) While DA is a countywide position, I suspect that that we'll see a good deal of campaigning in Dryden.

County Legislator George Totman, who represents the McLean area of Dryden as well as Groton and a part of Lansing, has entered an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Jim Whipple of Specialty Trophies and Awards gets a laurel today "for his special act of kindness on the eve of our son's deployment to Afghanistan" from the Jarrow family of Ithaca.

The print version of the Journal includes a letter from Dryden School Board candidate Brad Rauch, opening himself to questions from the public from 7:00pm to 10:00pm on Sunday, May 15th, at 844-8357. He sent me his reponses to a questionnaire from the Dryden Courier (18KB PDF) if you'd like to learn more before calling.

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