May 13, 2005

Running for office

While the Ithaca Journal may not have any interest in encouraging political activity by publicizing party events, they apparently do want to make sure that prospective candidates have some idea what's involved in running for local office, with an article briefly explaining the petition and caucus processes.

If you're interested in running for office in Dryden this year, contact me if you'd like to run as a Democrat, Tom Hatfield if you'd like to run as a Republican, and the Board of Elections if you'd like to run as an independent. The Town Supervisor, two Town Board members, Highway Superintendent, and county legislators are up for election this year here.

In schools news, there's a report on an Ithaca school board candidates forum held last night. (There's another forum tonight at the Varna Community Center.)

Also on schools, the opinion page has many writers from Dryden, but most of them don't seem to be identified as from Dryden. School board member David Lee is among the signers of a piece from the board supporting the proposed budget, while former board member Henry Kramer complains that the budget increases spending 6.3%. Varna residents Patricia and Tom Brenna endorse Allen Lambert for the board. In the Dryden School District, Theresa Grau writes in support of Linnett Short for the school board.

Also on the opinion page, the director of the County Office for the Aging, Irene Stein, writes with stories of how older residents of the area are making a difference, and mentions John Ferger of Dryden Family Medicine, who passed away February 12th after a rich life, active to the end.

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