May 21, 2005

Guidelines for letters

This morning's Journal, except for a DWI arrest, is pretty quiet about Dryden. Their editorial lays out the ground rules for letters to the editor, noting that the opinion page "is a forum for ideas - grand and absurd - and those ideas are filtered through a very small set of restrictions."

In broader news, there's a piece on student accomplishments at Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES, as well as a look at what the US Airways-America West merger could mean for Tompkins County Airport.

Historian Carol Kammen does something historians need to do on a regular basis, taking an idea that sounds good but isn't right and explaining where the story veers from the reality. She questions directional quilts, supposedly designed to help escaping slaves find their way north, and talks about the Underground Railroad in Ithaca and Ludlowville.

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