June 8, 2005

Catching up on the May Town Board meeting

Since the June Town Board meeting is tomorrow night, and I still haven't covered it, it's probably time to take a look at the minutes from the May meeting I did cover the statement from the fire department chiefs and the recreation survey, but here's a summary of the larger items of the rest of what happened.

Cortland Road Sewer District

Village of Dryden Mayor Reba Taylor came to address the Town Board on progress, or no progress, with negotiations over the future of the Cortland Road Sewer District. The Town and Village boards had met jointly last year, but progress since then has been slow. Mayor Taylor distributed documents on the state of the sewer system and prospects for extending water (389KB PDF, or 1272KB selectable), and encouraged the Town Board to work with the Village Board on sorting out these issues soon, since a new sewer plant is in the design stage. She also invited the Town Board to take a tour of the existing plant.


In addition to the recreation survey presentation, Recreation Coordinator Jennifer Staton gave her usual recreation report (44KB PDF, or 73KB selectable). The Board agreed to hire two summer employees and authorized performer agreements for this summer's concert series in Montgomery Park.

Attorney issues

Town Attorney Mahlon Perkins presented a number of issues to the Board, including the abandonment of an old portion of Sapsucker Woods modified by the new building for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, findings on the Dryden Mutual Insurance annexation, which looked poised to go forward, authorization to sign an agreement with the Community Science Institute for Six Mile Creek volunteer monitoring, and (later in the meeting, after a five minute executive session) a labor agreement for the Bolton Point water facilities.

Zoning and Building

Zoning Officer Henry Slater introduced telecommunications consultant Jeff Kirby to the board once again, along with his findings on the town's existing cell tower laws. It looks like they'll be in for a streamlining, designed especially to encourage co-location of multiple antennas on fewer towers. Slater also presented a report on electrical inspections in Dryden (256KB PDF, or 822KB selectable) addressing concerns about recent faulty inspections raised at the last meeting. The board took no action at the meeting, but will look into it further.

The Town Board also asked that the Planning Board rescind its earlier approval of the Draft Comprehensive Plan and re-approve it with the minor changes they made, giving the board an additional 90 days to schedule a public hearing.


Environmental Planner Debbie Gross wasn't present at the meeting, but Zoning Officer Slater presented her material, primarily the Stormwater Report (548KB PDF) the Town is required to provide the state.

Gross will be moving to India later this year, which provoked some discussion at the end of the meeting about civil service issues and finding a replacement. They've advertised for the position and are taking applications until June 15th.


A number of issues were discussed briefly toward the end of the meeting:

  • The Time-Warner Cable franchise agreement came back from Carol McTague of the New York State Department of Public Service with lots of changes, and Supervisor Trumbull will present it to Time-Warner as a proposed three year contract.
  • The board discussed but didn't finalize a proposal to trade zoning officer services to the Village of Dryden in return for village police at court sessions.
  • There was another question about a reimbursement request from Town Justice Clauson, and approval of the item was postponed.
  • The board approved a clause giving fire departments 30 to 60 days notice if the Town decides to cancel an agreement letting the departments buy fuel from its depot.
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