June 23, 2005

Dryden-Freeville Trail open house

My pictures didn't turn out particularly well, but there was a fascinating open house at Dryden Town Hall tonight, looking at what's involved in creating a Freeville to Dryden trail extending the current Jim Schug Trail.

Creating this trail involves a complex set of players - the landowners, the town, the villages of Dryden and Freeville, George Junior Republic, the federal government rails-to-trails program, the state of New York, and a variety of regulatory agencies, plus the consultants (Barton & Loguidice and Northeast Greenways). The presentations included a slideshow with information about the planning process and the trail itself.

A portion of the possible trail
A portion of the possible trail, from consultants' slides.

Former Supervisor Clint Cotterill looks over trail plans
Former Supervisor Clint Cotterill looks over trail plans.

Some of the toughest problems are road crossings - Route 13, Elm Street, and Spring House Road in the Village of Dryden, as well as George Road. George Road in particular is a challenge, as the road used to go over the railroad track, and the railroad path has since been filled in. There are a number of alternate routes under consideration to avoid that problem while maintaining a handicapped-accessible grade.

Details on the Dryden side of the trail
Details on the Dryden side of the trail.

If you'd like to make suggestions for the trail, the trail survey is available - just send it to Environmental Planner Deb Gross.

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