June 24, 2005

Kalandros running for Totman's seat

This morning's Ithaca Journal lists four new candidates for county legislature, including one in the Groton seat that includes parts of Dryden and Lansing. Athena Kalandros, a co-owner of the Red Door Coffee House in the Village of Groton, will be running as a Democrat. Kalandros hopes to "bring a fresh perspective to representing the district, one that is alive with the sense of possibilities for what could be and for respecting what has already been accomplished."

(Athena marched with the Dryden Democrats at Dairy Day, and I'm very happy to see her running. She has tremendous energy and seems fascinated by the area and ways to help it remain an attractive place to live.)

There was a burglary reported on Harbor Circle in Dryden.

Cayuga Radio Group, formerly Eagle Broadcasting, which has its offices on Hanshaw Road in Dryden, plans changes in its radio lineup, with more local news and Air America on WNYY 1470AM, which replaces WTKO 1470, an oldies station. Their General Manager, Susan Johnston, is quoted as saying that "We are just going to get more and more local."

There's a report on Ithaca High School graduation, which included a number of Dryden residents.

In news that affects Dryden, TCAT will be cutting discounts and asking the county, Cornell, and Ithaca to contribute more this year, but won't be raising fares.

The Journal's opinion page includes a editorial lauding graduates and a guest column from Ithaca School Superintendent Judith Pastel looking at school accomplishments.

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