June 5, 2005

Extensive report on George Junior union negotiations

The Dryden Courier has some of the deepest coverage of labor issues I've seen in a long time. The cover has pictures of the rally SEIU workers held May 25th at George Junior, and has a picture of the inflatable rat inside. Beyond the photos, it has two articles: a front-page article on the labor negotiations themselves, discussing the issues that led to a 118-1 rejection of a management proposal, and an interior article about the challenges of getting by on a low wage that features a George Junior employee.

All of it is well worth reading. I'll admit I'm still mystified by some of the financial questions, as George Junior (well, it's the William George Agency now) seems to keep claiming that the state insists they not pay their workers very much of what the agency gets. I'll have to do some research into just how far that argument holds.

Also, a number of Dryden residents are in the honors list for SUNY Cortland.

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