June 12, 2005

Power out for five hours

I woke up uncomfortably warm at 1:20am to find my ceiling fan had stopped and the battery backup for the computers downstairs was beeping. All the lights in nearby houses were dark, as were the streetlights at the Route 13/366 intersection.

This morning at 6:47am, just as I was getting ready to go out and find some ice for the refrigerator and freezer, the fan started whirring again - power was back. NYSEG's web site doesn't tell me anything about service outages, and there's no sign of it at the Ithaca Journal either, though they don't update on Sundays.

If anyone knows why there was a power outage here last night when there wasn't a storm, let me know in comments, and I'll report it here. In the meantime, hopefully the power will stay on for a while!

Posted by simon at June 12, 2005 7:20 AM in
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