July 22, 2005

Accident at Lower Creek Road and 13

Varna firefighters and the Sheriff's Department responded to an accident at the intersection of Lower Creek Road and Route 13 that sent four people to the hospital. Among the roads I drive most frequently, that intersection and the Brown Road intersection with 13 are the two I feel I have to watch most carefully to avoid disaster.

I noted part of the TC3 Dean's list being published yesterday. Today it continues for communities from Truxton through Woodbourne, but I see no sign of the first part of the alphabet having been published online. Dryden residents do appear in community news and school news.

Dryden resident Ella Sadza-Loinaz is quoted in an article about the new yellow Beetle that Ithaca Police are using on the Commons, saying:

“You can go there if, you know, you have a problem that doesn't involve crime but maybe a little problem like someone is lost, something that doesn't have to be addressed strictly by police.”

Airport ridership was up 30% in June compared to the previous year, with Northwest adding a lot of passengers and US Airways losing only a few. I flew Northwest to Minneapolis in June, and it all went well. The Journal also has an editorial celebrating the added traffic at the airport.

If you'd like something different to do on Saturday without going far, Groton is having an Art and Wellness Walk. The weather for the weekend looks about perfect.

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