July 21, 2005

County votes, Redbud complaint

I complained yesterday that the Journal didn't provide a breakdown of who voted how at the county legislature, and today they make up for that with both analysis and a list of votes on tobacco bond restructuring, an increase in the Real Estate Transfer Tax, and the confirmation of Ed Marx as Commissioner of Public Works.

On the opinion page, Irene Scott of Dryden objects to the mention of the Berlin Wall and Korean DMZ in an article about a fence going up at the Redbud Woods site. (Cornell tore down the woods yesterday.)

On the question of doing something about Medicaid, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer asked the legislature to pass two bills he'd asked for in the past.

There's also what looks like a partial TC3 Dean's List. (I'd expect to see Cortland, Dryden, and Freeville in there...)

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