July 4, 2005

Beachy receives Award for Excellence

It's been a quiet holiday weekend in the Ithaca Journal, with only a few Dryden-related stories, all of them Friday. Lawrence Beach, who I served one day at the Varna pancake breakfasts and who introduced me to the Dryden Town Historical Society, received a Tompkins County Trust Company Award of Excellence for his work at the Historical Society, Neptune Hose Company, and the 1997 Dryden Bicentennial and recent Victorian Winter Festival. His award money went to the Dryden Presbyterian Church.

There's discussion of possible service consolidation between the Town and City of Ithaca, which might affect Dryden, as Dryden already shares wastewater services with those two municipalities. (There's an article with more details on municipal consolidation possibilities in the Ithaca Times this week as well.)

Judy Pierpont of Dryden writes about woodpeckers in the disputed Redbud Woods.

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