July 5, 2005

Legislature races update

This morning's Ithaca Journal introduces Duane Randall as a Republican candidate for incumbent Republican George Totman's seat on the county legislature and provides a complete list of known candidates in all of the county districts. Since the Journal's articles now only last a week, here's the list for races including Dryden:

  • 9th District (Groton, eastern Lansing, northeastern Dryden) - Republican incumbent George Totman now faces Republican primary challenger Duane Randall as well as Democrat Athena Kalandros.

  • 13th District (western Dryden) - Democratic incumbent Martha Robertson faces Republican challenger W. David Restey.

  • 14th District (eastern Dryden) - Democratic incumbent Mike Lane faces Republican challenger Mike Hattery.

In Caroline, a Six Mile Creek stream stabilization project should keep water that pours in from Dryden's hills from washing Caroline sediment out through Dryden and Ithaca into Cayuga Lake.

On the opinion page, Henry Kramer of Dryden hurls contempt at the push for a Living Wage, finding such notions too far from full-blooded capitalism for his taste.

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