July 31, 2005

Collecting fire trucks, gathering volunteers

This week's Dryden Courier leads with an article about Dave Perkins' fire truck collection, which at one point included 14 motorized trucks (now down to seven) and two buggies. There are pictures of the buggies on the cover and inside. Perkins seems to be dispersing his collection as he prepares for retirement, but hopefully some of it will stay around here.

There's also an article on Neptune Hose Company and Dryden Ambulance and their continuing need for volunteers to do a wide variety of tasks. They're happy to train people, certainly! I suspect all of the local fire companies (Varna, Etna, Freeville, McLean, Slaterville) would be happy to hear from potential volunteers, so call them up if you're interested.

There's also an article on the Solar Express, the Dryden school district's Bookmobile, emphasizing the teaching and activities that go with it.

The Village of Dryden will be holding public hearings August 18th about police mutual aid and about zoning for the 3.9 acres the village recently annexed along its northern edge.

There's also a warning about Lyme disease and deer ticks, complete with a closeup of a deer tick. They're smaller than I thought.

A notice inside announces that the Revered Alan Kinney will be replacing David Nicholls, who retired last month, as pastor at the Dryden United Methodist Church.

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