July 30, 2005

Yes, it's been hot

While it isn't precisely news, this morning's Ithaca Journal confirms that June and July 2005 are among the hottest ever, with the statewide average for June 5.5 degrees above normal. Looking at the list of city records there, it looks like it's definitely been the hottest summer upstate.

(I'm still trying to tough it out without installing my window air conditioners, which have stayed in storage. At first it was just because of the painters being here, but now I'm trying to through the rest of the summer. As long as nights are cool, it's not so bad, and the ceiling fan over the bed has helped when they aren't.)

There's an article on erosion mitigation on Six Mile Creek. The projects in Caroline, but as Six Mile Creek flows out of Dryden, into Caroline, and then back into Dryden before going to Ithaca, it has some Dryden interest.

In the print version of the paper, Carol Kammen reports on Patrick Campbell, who visited the area in 1792. He described the countryside between Ithaca and Owego as a "hideous place, calculated to awaken feelings of the gloomiest kind," and described the area from Ithaca to Wilkes-Barre, PA, as a "dreary region."

I don't find it particularly dreary, but I certainly wasn't here then.

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