July 24, 2005

Construction and planning

This week's Dryden Courier comes folded very strangely, to accomodate an "Ithaca Times Menu Guide" that I suspect was sized for the larger Ithaca Times. Inside, though, there's plenty of information.

There's an in-depth look at the summer construction at Cassavant, Freeville, and Dryden elementary schools, including information on the disruptions construction will cause at Dryden into the school year and a picture of playground equipment soon to be replaced.

There's a list of happenings at the latest Town Board meeting, including the hearing on the Comprehensive Plan. The Courier quotes Town Supervisor Steve Trumbull as saying "I think it's going to pass... There's been plenty of time for people to speak out, or give their input. I think we're on the right track.

Inside, there's an article on Southworth Library summer happenings. There's also a report on the recommendation against a county income tax, and a piece on the Group Workcamps I mentioned earlier, this time at least mentioning that it's project of church groups.

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