July 17, 2005

Masons move into West Dryden

The lead story in this week's Dryden Courier is the Hobasco Lodge No. 7216 Masons moving into the old Methodist Church and former West Dryden Community Center on West Dryden Road. The Masons, who meet there once a month, are working on repairing and upgrading the church, and need to winterize the downstairs for year-round use. (I've written about the church earlier, and you can also see the church and surrounding community in an aerial photo.)

There's a report on playground work at the three Dryden elementary schools, as well as news that Anderson Young is the new president of the Dryden school board with Russ Kowlaski as vice-president.

Dryden resident and sheriff's deputy Kevin Cowan was honored as Frank Hammer Officer of the Month by the Ithaca Kiwanis, for his work on D.A.R.E. and a variety of safety programs as well as road patrol.

In the Groton section, the Courier has a pair of articles on the upcoming county legislature race in District 9, which includes Groton, eastern Lansing, and the northeast corner of Dryden. There's a profile of Athena Kalandros, running as a Democrat, discussing why she chose to live in Groton, concerns she's heard from voters, and her willingness to "do what it takes to help Groton continue to be a viable and vibrant community." There's also a profile of Duane Randall, a Republican running for the seat. Randall talks about how the "community has always been there for us," and how he wants to give back to the community. Randall will be running against incumbent George Totman in the Republican primary, and the winner of that will face Kalandros in the November election.

There are some pictures of kids in the Dryden High School swimming pool on the front page and inside the paper, including Joel and David Whitmore as well as instructor David Hamilton.

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