July 16, 2005

A. K. Fletcher returns for a visit

A. K. Fletcher, 97, the retired publisher of the Dryden Rural News (and a proud Democrat), came back to Dryden for a visit yesterday, gathering with friends at the Dryden Hotel for lunch.

A. K. Fletcher talking with Elsie Gutchess
A. K. Fletcher talking with Elsie Gutchess.

The Rural News, though it stopped publishing in the 1970s, has been an inspiration for this blog, with its local focus and interest in the community. I hadn't met Fletcher until yesterday, but I'm very happy I got the opportunity. There were a lot of people there to enjoy lunch and reflect on a past that grows more interesting with every telling.

One of the tables at the A. K. Fletcher lunch
One of the tables at the A. K. Fletcher lunch.

Fletcher's returning to Florida soon, but I hope I get to talk more with him soon. The Dryden Town Historical Society has some interviews with him, and it seems like everyone there has stories about him as well.

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