August 28, 2005

Village annexation; new school employees

It's a busy week for the Dryden Courier, covering both Village of Dryden news and new employees for the coming school year, as well as prospects for sports.

A report on the Village of Dryden Board of Trustees' August meeting discusses their finalization of the 3.9 acre Simonet annexation along the eastern edge of the village, as well as the planning process for it and an additional 31 acres on which Paul Simonet hopes to build townhouses and single-family homes. There's also mention of the Cortland Road Sewer District issues reported on in the Cortland Standard earlier this week.

The Courier welcomes two new assistant principals, Michael Simmons and Larry Hinkle, to the Dryden school district with photos and profiles. Simmons will be at Dryden Elementary School while Hinkle will be at Dryden Middle School.

There's an article on a $130,000 deficit (accumulated over seven years) in the Dryden school lunch program and discussion of how to fix it. Two motions for raising the price of lunch (one by a quarter, one by a dime) failed 2-5. The Courier's editorial suggests that readers contact the federal and state governments about school lunches "to let the government know about our concerns."

There's an article about Tech Prep grants, awarded to schools through TC3. Dryden High Scool received three of them this year, for a business law mock trial, summer curriculum development, and a civil engineering and architecture program.

There's a brief article on Kinney Drugs taking over Hill Drugs, including the store next to Clark's in Dryden.

The Courier takes a look at the dry weather as well, with an article on the drought's impact on area wineries and vegetable growers. Harry Weldons starts with the drought and then talks about floods, including some devastating ones to the east in Virgil.

In sports, the Courier offers previews of the Boys and Girls soccer teams from around the area.

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