September 21, 2005

Dryden Empire Zone possible

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that the County Legislature approved applying for an Empire Zone that includes part of the Town of Dryden as well as Lansing and the City of Ithaca. County Legislators Martha Robertson, Mike Lane, and George Totman all supported it in a 9-5 vote. In addition:

Barbara Blanchard, D-City of Ithaca, and Michael Lane, D-Dryden, both spoke out in favor of the zone because of recent changes by New York state in the zone laws and the fact that the county can market its zone to help attract more businesses here.

The areas in Dryden include the NYSEG-Wilcox Press area at the 13/366 intersection, and the area north of the Village of Dryden to Mott Road.

The Our Towns section is quiet on Dryden except for the Town Candidates listing, which notes that Supervisor Steve Trumbull, Highway Superintendent Jack Bush, and Town Councilman Steve Stelick are running for re-election, while newcomers Daniel Tier, Mary Ann Sumner, and Paul Lutwak are competing with Stelick for two seats.

On the opinion page, the editorial encourages citizens to participate in the county budget process, and notes that Tompkins County doesn't hide its budget until after the election. There's also a letter from Gary Simmons of Dryden recommending that Ithaca return federal trail money to pay for Katrina relief.

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