September 22, 2005

One union settled, another uncertain

This morning's Ithaca Journal doesn't report much about Dryden, but there's news on two county labor fronts. The county and its white collar CSEA unit have come to terms, and the contract was approved 13-1 last night by the County Legislature. Meanwhile, negotiations with TCAT bus drivers continue, and Cornell is making contingency plans in case of a strike.

On the opinion page, Henry Kramer of Dryden shrugs off criticism of his opposition to the notion of a living wage, arguing that:

The debate itself is about who determines what labor is 'worth.' Ms. Blom? The Living Wage Coalition? Alternatives Credit Union? Politicians? Or, the marketplace which allocates resources most optimally?

Kramer clearly has no patience for the labor theory of value.

There's also an article about events outside of Dryden well-worth thinking about, as re-checking reported election machine data overturned results in two Newfield primaries. Wow.

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